As talent purveyors, we take the time to focus on the need of planners and presenters to provide unique programming options to theaters, corporations and private event spaces.  Fiscally responsible, we source, secure, and deliver marquee level talent along with newly developed works, musical pieces, dance and lecture programming to ensure the widest range of artistic voices are being represented for consideration.  Contact us today to explore you needs and let us show what we can do for you!



As talent marketers and agents, we strive daily to stay abreast of booking opportunities, programming trends and industry information to help artists succeed.  Working directly with bands, performers and other artists, we develop customized marketing initiatives that directly expose your program to traditional and non-traditional markets.  We’ll always respect your artistic integrity and work to fulfill your performance objectives.  Contact us today for a consultation and put us to work for you!   


7/24TalentMarketing was built upon two decades experience in entertainment marketing within the PolyGram, Mercury, DefJam, BMG, Universal, Arista, Simon & Schuster, Hachette and Greater Talent Network (UTA) entertainment systems.  Lead agent Phyllis Rush has supported a diverse roster of performers and lecturers within the corporate, academic, association and government industries, non-profit and faith-based communities.   


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