You won’t believe your ears when your favorite viral internet videos seem to sing live on stage in what’s easily the laugh-out-loud event of the year, Musical Memes, the only multi-media comedy show where the memes are the stars!

Viewed over 100 million times on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, Musical Memes is the brainchild of master pianist, conductor, composer, and Broadway musician Brandon Ethridge who’s combined our love of music and memes into a concoction of comedic proportions! As he stands in front of a projector screen and plays over your most favorite viral videos, they suddenly appear to be singing!  This musical sleight of hand is achieved without digital trickery, auto-tune or outside interferences, and the results are unique, magical and hilarious!

The perfect programming for attracting the attention of today’s tech-savvy audiences, Musical Memes and its creator Brandon Ethridge, have been featured on CBS March Madness and NPR’s The Takeaway.  

Bring the power of the internet and the magic of viral memes to your stage today with Musical Memes, a hit with audiences everywhere!