The tenors of Three Mo’ Tenors are men who have developed a musical repertoire with astonishing breadth.  Like Olympic decathlon athletes, these classical trained, multi-talented operatic tenors can do it all!  Having mastered not only Operatic music, but Jazz, Gospel, Soul, Spirituals, New School, Broadway, and the Blues as well, you’ll enjoy a heart-stopping show of vocal acrobatics that will leave you breathless!  


Conceived and directed by the highly acclaimed veteran Broadway performer, choreographer and director Marion J. Caffey, Three Mo Tenors have captivated audiences at prestigious venues like the Kennedy Center, Shubert Theatre, Edinburgh Festival, Henley’s Festival in London, the Moscow International Music Theatre and numerous others.  A feature on the PBS Great Performance Series, Three Mo’ Tenors have performed for the world, to high critical acclaim!  


Three Mo’ Tenors are the only group showcasing the extraordinary versatility of African-American tenors.  Starting with classical opera and continuing to feature seven more musical styles that span four hundred years of music, Three Mo’ Tenors are more than just three men – there’s is a story about the history and future of exceptional, yet formerly undiscovered voices who deserve to be heard.  


This exciting, and scalable program will thrill your audience like none other.  Invite them to perform for you today!