The marriage of super-star artists Tammy Wynette and George Jones in 1969 was hailed as a union made in honky-tonk heaven. And when little Tamala Georgette Jones was born in 1970, she was considered country music’s heir apparent. Fast forwarding to today, Tammy’s little girl performs professionally as Georgette Jones, carrying on the musical legacy and living up to her distinguished bloodline with just the right mixture of heart and sass.


Inheriting her mother’s good looks and both parent’s stellar talents, Georgette Jones’ Tammy Wynette show is a heartfelt tribute to the First Lady of Country Music that only a loving daughter can perform. Singing and touring with her parents since the age of three, performing a duet with her father in an HBO special at age ten, along with writing and performing a duet on her dad’s 2008 album “Burn Your Playhouse Down,” Georgette is an author and an accomplished musician in her own right, with a rockin’ country band and two albums under her belt, one of which was produced by rock & roll great Bret Michaels! During her 90-minute performance, Georgette doesn’t dress merely up in her mother’s fancy outfits, pretending for audiences to be Tammy.  Rather, Georgette flawlessly performs her mother’s many hits along with her original compositions, and shares poignant memories, photos and never-before-told-stories of Tammy and George, and the laughter and music that filled her life growing up with this most famous musical family.


As with any good story, there are twists and turns along with way, highs and lows, and Georgette’s amazing voice, so reminiscent of the Hall of Fame Wynette, will leave your audiences breathlessly asking for more!  With numerous configurations to choose from that can accommodate any budget, Georgette Jones:  A Tribute to Tammy Wynette is a magical, intimate show that’s a sure crowd pleaser for country music lovers everywhere, while creating a generation of new ones fans with each performance!  You’ll book Georgette Jones: A Tribute to Tammy Wynette again and again!