Sinatra Forever is a concert that pays homage to unarguably, the greatest singer of all time.  

Not another ‘impersonation show’ Sinatra Forever is a true interpretation of the classic master, performed to perfection by Rick Michel one of Las Vegas’ premier singers.  New updates to the show include over a dozen visuals enhanced with music and stories about Frank Sinatra’s life with each song!  

Hailed by entertainment industry trade publication Variety as “the closest sound to Frank Sinatra we have ever heard”, Sinatra Forever will thrill your audience with the unique phrasing and tonal purity so reminiscent of Frank, you’ll swear ‘Ole Blue Eyes’ himself is performing before you live!

“Rick Michel strode out onto the stage, and from the get-go was dead-on perfect in the known Frank Sinatra tone, breathing, phraseology, and in a voice so natural that the packed out house savored every note…” – Welk Resorts Theatre, San Diego, California.  

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful performance you gave at the Rylander Theatre…  I look forward to recommending this show to my colleagues in the Georgia Presenters  Network as well as other theatres across the country.” – Heather Stanley, Managing Director Rylander Theatre  

While there are many Frank Sinatra imitators, there is only one true interpreter,  Sinatra Forever starring Rick Michel performed with the original arrangements and some of the original musicians who played with Frank, ‘back in the day’!  A truly captivating evening!