If you combine French chanson with Mexican accordion and klezmer violin, add in the warm and joyous rhythms of reggae and ska plus a pinch of punk and soul, you’ll have the magical recipe for The Blue Dahlia, a musical and cultural celebration that’s won fans on both sides of the Atlantic!

The ukulele led band created by singer/songwriter Dahlia Dumont is multilingual and polyphonic, blending culture, heritage, and musical styles with strong improvisational elements to create a high energy, global folk fusion of groovy mixed genres and international sounds. With a band of musicians hailing from all corners of the globe and contributing their own musical influences, The Blue Dahlia creates a sound rich and diverse, perfect for cosmopolitan evenings or outdoor frivolity, with a multicultural flare!

With ample opportunities to make educational and cultural impacts on audiences, The Blue Dahlia is a perfect choice for workshops and residencies. If you want to treat your audience to an all-ages, multigenerational concert of toe-tapping music, look no further, your good time awaits!