Perfect for audiences of all ages, Cirque Us is a unique, inclusive, original circus experience that entertains and educates, informs, and inspires!  

This ensemble-centric troupe will dazzle your audiences with their feats of aerial wizardry, mind-bending acrobatics, high wire hijinks, loopy jugglers, tumblers, and a tapestry of talented contortionists!  Adaptable and turnkey with surprisingly modest technical needs, Cirque Us are able to perform in intimate venues that allow their love of play to be shared with audiences more impactfully.  Producing and touring original, full-length work as well as curating customized circus experiences, Cirque Us believes in spreading the magic of circus through a performative and educational lens.  With multiple educational resources, workshops, and camps available for people of all ages and abilities, Cirque Us emphasizes the necessity of human connections and relationships in order to uphold community.  Performance only or performance + workshop packages available.  

Cirque Us are currently touring the following full-length circus productions, perfect for all ages: 

  • One Man’s Trash – You’ll laugh and cheer as this repurposed circus teaches the value of recycling and teamwork as they turn trash into treasure! 

  • Cirque Us Stories – Favorite children’s stories and folktales leap off the page in this retelling of the classics into a thrilling narrative about community and identity. 

  • DreamCycle – reimagines the traditional circus into a new adventure where shadow and light intertwine with amazing performers to let your imagination run free!