7/24 TalentMarketing is a boutique agency representing an eclectic mix of musicians, storytellers, and cultural creatives. We take a niche approach to the traditional agenting business by specializing in connections – our most popular artists have a personal, familial or cultural bond to their material which translates to richer, more authentic performances. Often combining music with imagery or sharing intimate backstories, audiences enjoy immersive, entertaining and enlightening experiences that foster forever memories.

If you’re seeking unique, top-notch artistry for your audience or special event, we welcome the opportunity to assist. Personalized attention, high-quality artists, and a commitment to your success is what you’ll find at 7/24 Talent. Sound good? Let’s chat!


7/24 TalentMarketing was created by music marketer Phyllis Rush to reshape the entertainment industry for diverse, culturally relevant, and topical performing artists and lecturers. Beginning an arts work career with a job in the marketing department at PolyGram Records, Phyllis worked with a variety of established and up-and-coming artists and executives throughout stints at Mercury, Def Jam, BMG, Universal and Arista record labels.  Entrees into the world of advertising, publishing, publicity, and the Greater Talent Network (now UTA) lecture agency nurtured the desire to create a full-service operation for entertainment marketing and booking that serves both sides of the contract faithfully, with a goal of advancing art and culture by sourcing, securing, and delivering amazingly talented performing arts and lecture programs to audiences everywhere. 



Advocating for the Arts

Artists interested in marketing their talent are invited to email regarding inclusion in PerformingLiveRevue*, a bimonthly industry newsletter and blogsite dedicated to DEI that showcases and promotes multicultural artists throughout the talent buying ecosystem.  Talent buyers can subscribe to this evergreen talent listing resource via this link. 




[*as publisher, 7/24 Talent makes no claim of representation for any artists appearing within]

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