7/24TalentMarketing, a licensed and bonded talent agency, focuses on the needs of planners and presenters to source, secure and deliver marquee level talent, musical acts, theatrical, dance, and lecture programming to theaters, associations and private event spaces.  Our network of agencies and artists allows us to present a talent selection that’s unique, diverse, and carefully curated to your needs or theme. We specialize in emerging and sustaining artists and would love to make your season or event dreams come true. Let’s chat!



As talent marketers and agents, we work directly with bands, performers, and other artists, (along with their management!) to create and execute customized marketing initiatives that directly expose your program to traditional and non-traditional markets.  We stay abreast of booking opportunities, programming trends and the latest industry information to help artists succeed.  We’ll always respect your artistic integrity and work to fulfill your performance objectives.  Let’s chat!  Call, email, or visit us at 724TalentMarketing.blog or @724Talent on Facebook.  



Owner/Agent Phyllis Rush has spent more years than she’ll admit within the marketing, production and creative departments of PolyGram, Mercury, Island, DefJam, BMG, Universal and Arista record labels and has worked as a lecture agent with Greater Talent Network/UTA, Simon & Schuster, and Hachette Speakers  Bureau prior to starting 7/24TalentMarketing.  She has been privileged to witness and support an amazing roster of artists, performers and lecturers within pop culture and the corporate, academic, association, government, non-profit and faith-based communities.     


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