Perfect for schools and stages, the Liberate Learning Through World Rhythm (LLTWR) content and Rhythms of Africa showcases are aligned with the Florida Sunshine State Education Standards and can be adopted easily in any classroom situation to enhance student focus and listening skills.  The content is relevant to all ages, the approach appeals to all cultural backgrounds and the program fits most state music education standards for performing, creating, listening, analyzing and understanding music’s relationship to society, history and culture.  LLTWR has received glowing recommendations from educators, business and community leaders.

LLTWR is a turnkey education program that introduces children to the instruments, musical genres and cultures of Africa, Cuba, South America, Jamaica and Trinidad.  The program’s goal is to use rhythm as a tool to liberate learning and social skills through music and interactive hands-on workshops that develop creativity and stimulate innovation.  By increasing a sense of understanding and building higher critical thinking skills, the student’s mind is challenged to think ‘outside the box’.  Problem solving and communication along with team building and leadership skills are engaged through a model of responsiveness which contributes significantly to spatial and intellectual development.  This nurtures self disicipline and diligence, traits proven to lead to effective study habits and overall productiveness.

Liberate Learning Through World Rhythm is taught by Grammy-nominated artist Willie Stewart,; musician, songwriter, instructor, programmer, drummer and former director of the internationally renowned musical group Third World.  Known for their chart topping singles like “Now That We’ve Found Love,” “Try Jah Love,” “Sense of Purpose,” and others, along with their humanitarian beliefs, Third World earned 9 Grammy nominations, a United Nations Peace Medal, two NAACP Image Award nominations and The Diamond Award of Washington D.C.  Mr. Stewart, who has been featured in numerous magazines throughout his 35-plus year career, has performed with Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Sting, U2, Carlos Santana, Bryan Adams, Eddy Grant, Stevie Wonder and other musical legends.

Liberate Learning Through World Rhythm is a turnkey, hands-on, interactive and fun educational program available in segments ranging from three hours to eight weeks, with select programs culminating in a stage performance for family and community members.  Each session can accommodate up to 110 participants.  Detailed program information and study guides are available.